One Day : The Sun Disappeared

Platform : STEAM(Windows&Mac) / Google Play / App Store

Languages : English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

The story

One Day, the Sun Disappeared…

The world is about to turn into a ball of ice and something has to be done!
A boy starts on a journey to find the Sun and bring it back!


  • Stamina Plays A Big Role

You will not be able to endlessly attack or defend.
The difference in stamina means the difference in your game.
Managing stamina will be an important part of the game.

  • Character Ability

Your character’s ability can be upgraded with Gold. You can earn Gold by slaying monsters.

Strength, Health, and Dexterity are the three abilities you can build up.

  • Various Gears

There are about 100 different gears available in this game. Some gears will dictate the styling of your character as well. Some gears are found in monsters and treasure chests.

  • Attribute System

Monsters will keep getting stronger as you advance. Keep in mind of the weapon attributes which can make a deciding difference.

  • Pet System

There will be pets there to accompany you through the journey. You won’t be lonely.

  • Xbox & PS4 Controller Support

Indie Game Project By A Single creator

‘One Day : The Sun Disappeared’ is a One-man indie game development project (including Programming, Art, Music and some parts of the fx sound)